Mr. Mark A. Aquilante, Class of ’94, History, Physical Education, Athletic Director, Assistant Middle School Dean of StudentsMiddle School Activities Coordinator 

Rev. Francisco Aisa, Sch.P., Chaplain, Director of Campus Ministry

Mr. George K. Beothy, Class of ’68, Geography, Latin

Mr. Barry P. Brazunas, Language Arts, Study Skills, Head of Middle School,  Middle School Dean of Students,  National Junior Honor Society Moderator, Personal Guidance Counselor

Ms. Melissa Browne,  Latin, ReligionCampus Music Ministry Moderator

Mr. Michael J. Collins, Class of ’68,  History, Political Science,  Mock Trial Moderator,  Model U.N. Moderator,  National Honor Society Moderator

Mr. Michael J. Cunningham, Mathematics

Dr. Christine DeGrado, Spanish, Latin, Health

Mr. J. Joseph Donahue, Class of ’66, Mathematics, Director of Finance, Transportation Director

Mrs. Jeanmarie T. Emhof, Director of Development

Mrs. Elizabeth Eshleman, Director of College Planning & Placement, C.A.P. Moderator, P.S.A.T. Coordinator

Mr. David Evans, Class of ’08, History, Physical Education, Religion, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Assistant Coach Cross Country, Head Coach Winter and Spring Track and Field

Mrs. Denise M. Gavin, Director of Personal Guidance, School Nurse

Ms. Jennifer Gregory, English

Mr. Charles Hollowell, Mathematics, Upper School Mathletes Moderator

Mrs. Kathleen S. Iacobucci, Mathematics, Middle School Mathcounts Moderator

Mr. Larry R. Iezzi, English, History, Italian, LatinAssistant Headmaster, Head of Upper School, Dean of Students, Admissions Advisor

Mr. Jeffrey S. Jewitt, Health, Physical EducationHead Coach Varsity Soccer

Mr. Patrick Kane, Director of Admissions, Assistant Coach Varsity Baseball

Mr. Joseph A. Lewis, Religion, Christian Service Coordinator, Pro-Life Club Co-Moderator

Ms. Rosalie Lombardo, Director of Public Relations

Ms. Annette Loutrel, Chemistry, Math, Science, Science Honor Society Moderator, Chemistry Club Moderator

Mr. Steven R. Lukens, German, History, Religion, German Honor Society Moderator, German Exchange Program Moderator

Mr. R. Roger Mecouch, Biology, Environmental ScienceAcademic Challenge Team Moderator, Environmental Society Moderator, Science Olympiad Moderator, Middle States Coordinator

Ms. Barbara Medina, Spanish, Spanish Honor Society Moderator, Spanish Exchange Program Moderator, Student Council Moderator

Mrs. Elizabeth Mendoza, Computer Science, Technology Coordinator, Computer Club Moderator

Mrs. Laura A. Mondon Art, French, French Honor Society Moderator, Art Club Moderator

Mr. Matthew P. Mullen, English, Debate Club Moderator, Film CLub Moderator

Ms. Melanie Picard, Biology, ScienceMiddle School Science Olympiad Moderator

Dr. Valentin Radu, Music Director

Rev. Javier Renteria, Sch. P., Spanish, Religion 

Mr. Paul J. Sanborn, Class of ’64, History, Information Specialist, Head Coach Cross Country

Rev. James J. Shea, Sch.P., Class of ’66, PhysicsHeadmaster,  Pro-Life Club Co-Moderator, Yearbook Moderator

Ms. Michelle Tedeschi, MusicConcert Band Moderator

Mr. Lawrence G. Theuer, EnglishNewspaper Moderator

Ms. Patricia L. Tiehel, English

Rev. Richard S. Wyzykiewicz, Sch.P. , Class of ’61, MathematicsDirector of Alumni Relations

Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) Support Staff

Ms. Heather Coulter, Personal Guidance Counselor (C.C.I.U.)

Ms. Linda Hudson, Reading Specialist, (C.C.I.U.)

Ms. Tina Poletta-Smith, Speech Specialist (CCIU)

Ms. Noreen Richardson, School Nurse (TE School District)