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Jack Duffy

Jack Duffy has taught courses in four departments, Social Studies, Professional Studies, Theology, and English, at Devon Prep. He serves as a coach for the Mock Trial team, the Academic Competition Team, and as initiator and monitor of The Devon Symposium, an annual academic event. He is also an assistant coach on the Varsity Baseball team. Mr. Duffy is a graduate of St. Joseph’s Preparatory School; of St. Joseph’s College, now Saint Joseph’s University; and of the Villanova University School of Law.

Mr. Duffy has been a Pennsylvania attorney for more than 40 years. In the past, Mr. Duffy represented almost exclusively defendants in personal injury matters, and workers’ compensation matters. He was, over the course of many years, a lecturer in Continuing Legal Education Courses, primarily in the field of Ethics. Mr. Duffy taught on a part-time basis at Saint Joseph’s University over the course of many years. He is a past president of the St. Joseph’s Preparatory School Alumni Board of Governors, the Catholic Philopatrian Literary Institute, and the St. Thomas More Society of Philadelphia. He was also for a time a columnist for a legal magazine. 

Email: jduffy@devonprep.com