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The Office of Mission and Ministry promotes the Piarist values of educating the total young man (intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally).  The Mission and Ministry team does so by providing our students with service opportunities, outreach programs, prayer and retreat experiences, and offering participation in the Catholic sacraments.

The goal of Mission and Ministry is to make the Devon student aware of their Catholic identity and help them grow in their faith by providing opportunities in our community locally, domestically, and abroad.  Through the connections made within Mission and Ministry, we provide the tools to grow in the Piarist values of charity, humility, patience, respect, and simplicity.  

Middle School

The Office of Mission and Ministry offers opportunities for Middle School students to grow in the Piarist values of charity, humility, patience, respect, and simplicity. Our new program offers events once a month, centered around different demographics that students are able to serve. While participation in three events is necessary, these events are designed to provide an impactful experience for each student, broadening their awareness of the community around us.

In addition, our office provides day-long retreats for the Middle School. Retreats serve as a day to break away from the daily schedule of school and offer our students a time to pray, learn, and bond with each other. Retreats happen once a year in the Spring. 

Mission and Ministry also coordinates prayer events for the school, like Living Rosary, where the Middle School is invited to help lead the school in prayer. 

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Dominic Gentile
Mission and Ministry Co-Coordinator
610-688-7337 x146

Mr. Dylan Gavin
Mission and Ministry Co-Coordinator
610-688-7337 x146