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Commonly Asked Questions

Why did we do this project?

This project was needed for Devon Prep to remain competitive among our peer schools. We were aware of the need to improve our facilities. A master plan for the campus, developed through a strategic planning process, will be implemented over time.

We identified improvements to the upper school building as our first and immediate priority and began work on this building and the campus entrance in 2010. This project greatly enhanced the campus, improved the classroom learning environment and reduced our energy costs. Establishing the Fund for Devon Prep was necessary to improve our financial position into the future. We know that now is the right time for Devon Prep to preserve its past and sustain its future. 

Who is asked to support the “Campaign for Devon Prep”?

All alumni, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, and many others are asked to consider a gift to the campaign according to his or her own personal capability. 

I cannot commit to a large gift, how can I be a part of the campaign? How much should I give? Can I pledge over time?

We will ask donors to make a reflective and significant personal commitment that is appropriate and meaningful to them.

The Campaign for Devon offers a wide range of gift opportunities to participate at all levels. You may choose a plan that provides you with both flexibility and time to complete the payment of your pledge. Pledges over a three to five year period are encouraged,  allowing donors to give more than is possible through ‘one-time’ gifts. Pledge reminders will be sent in accordance with the schedule you select. 

Are pledges the only kind of gifts?

While pledges for cash gifts are the type most often made to the campaign, other types such as gifts of stock or appreciated assets are also options. 

Is my pledge legally binding? Will it be confidential?

A pledge is a gift, one which you consider to be meaningful to you. It is not legally binding. All we ask is that you do your best and advise us of any financial changes that will impact fulfilling your pledge. All pledges will be kept as confidential as possible. Only the people responsible for maintaining the records will have access to your pledge. 

To what extent are campaign gifts tax-deductible?

Devon Preparatory School is a non-profit organization as provided under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax deductible in accordance with state and federal tax laws. The application of such laws varies with individual circumstances. Donors with specific questions regarding tax deductibility should contact their attorneys. 

How will the Campaign for Devon affect my annual giving?

Annual Giving supports the operating budget for the current year. We rely on the Annual Fund to offset the difference between what students pay and what it actually costs to educate them. Periodically we conduct a special campaign to support needed upgrades and capital improvement to current facilities, or construction of new buildings, as well as additions to the endowment funds and other special purposes.

During a capital campaign, volunteers will ask everyone to make pledges above and beyond their regular annual giving. Devon Prep, like all Catholic and independent schools, relies on both types of fundraising efforts, and we ask for your participation in both.