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Devon Prep Middle School Leadership Team & Philosophy

Your son will get more from his Middle School years at Devon Prep.

Our curriculum is highly-regarded and tailored for each student.  But we also know each grade has distinct needs, and as such each has its own Coordinator. This leadership structure allows us to focus on the academic, social, and personal development of our students as they grow through their time in our Middle School and prepare for High School.

  • Sixth Grade is about transition, helping the students adapt to the procedures and schedules of Middle School.  Students learn how to manage multiple subjects – taught by multiple teachers – and start to bond as the newest class to the school.  The Coordinator and teachers provide a high level of support.
  • Seventh Grade is focused on further developing executive functioning skills, and providing additional choices in the variety of classes and use of free time.
  • Eighth Grade allows the students to increasingly self-direct their own behavior, and focuses on preparing them for the increased freedom, academic rigor, and choices that await them in our High School.

Get Ahead With Our Middle School Curriculum

MATH: Devon Middle School students take Pre-Algebra in 6th grade, Algebra I in 7th grade, and Geometry in 8th grade – all at a High School level. This allows our students to take 9th grade at the Algebra II level, Pre-Calculus for 10th grade, AP Calculus AB in 11th grade, and AP Calculus BC by the end of their Senior year.

LANGUAGE: Our Middle School students have the opportunity to complete Level I in a modern foreign language (French, Spanish, or German) and can move directly into Level II of that language in 9th grade.  Progressing into Level III in 10th grade allows for our students to take the AP-Level course in 11th grade, or, having completed the foreign language requirement, to free up space in their schedule to pursue other electives in 11th and 12th grades.

As a school we want to do what’s right for each student, which is why your son will be able to tailor his schedule to meet his needs. And our curriculum is flexible and can accommodate students needing a faster or slower progression.

Starting in our Middle School gives your son a valuable head start, flexibility in our High School, and ensures these years are productive, rewarding, and impactful!

Devon Prep Middle School Philosophy

The Middle School years are when your son will start to develop his sense of identity and self, so we give our students opportunity – opportunity to develop, to be himself, and to learn from failure and grow beyond it.  

Devon Prep’s Middle School is built upon the development of three core ideas:

  • Build Executive Functioning Skills and Independence
  • Instill Leadership (via Middle School Leadership Program)
  • Incorporate Character Development

At Devon’s Middle School, the LEGACY Program (Leadership, Empathy, Grit, Accountability, Community, You) was created to foster these three core ideas. This program, implemented via the Middle School Clubs, Advising and Counseling Programs, enables students to build a socioemotional toolbox and thus the opportunity to become the best version of themselves.  Finally, all Middle School students participate in a robust Mission and Ministry experience that will help them grow in their own faith.

Welcome to our new 6th Graders! Class of 2029!