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Brendan Boston

Brendan Boston teaches Latin at Devon Preparatory School. Brendan earned his undergraduate degree in Classical Studies and Philosophy from Dickinson College and his Master’s degree from Villanova University. Brendan believes that Latin is a ‘spice’ that can brighten any educational menu, allowing students to make connections across cultures and curricula. With more than a decade of experience teaching Latin, Brendan focuses on both building students’ linguistic knowledge and skill in Latin and on students’ abilities to compare and contrast Roman society with the contemporary world. 

A beneficiary of a Catholic, all-boys’ high school education at Monsignor Bonner High School, Brendan believes that the brotherhood found in all-boys schools is a vehicle for developing academic and personal confidence. 

Brendan is a Philadelphia native and still calls the Philadelphia region home. Before teaching at Devon, Brendan was a member of the faculty at St. Augustine Preparatory School in Richland, New Jersey. When he has a spare minute, Brendan enjoys cooking, especially new recipes, and hiking. 


Email: bboston@devonprep.com