2016-17 Annual Report

A Letter from the Headmaster, Fr. Francisco J. Aisa, Sch.P:


Dear Members of the Devon Prep Family,

St. Joseph Calasanz wrote in the preamble to his constitutions, “if children are diligently imbued from their tender age in piety and letters, they will, without any doubt, have a happy course for the rest of their life.”

Every day I wake and have the opportunity to greet our boys as they make their way into Devon Prep. I am reminded of the special task Saint Joseph Calasanz has granted me, the looking over your boys and guiding them through their days as adolescents to become young men, educated in the light of God.

I am thankful for our boys and thankful to be at Devon Prep. Now is the time for me to thank you. I thank our parents for entrusting us to lead your boys at this important time of their lives. I thank our entire family – parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends, for all of the support you provide us. Devon receives support in so many different ways, some financial, some in word and some in deed. We are grateful for all of your support and do our best to make the most of your generosity. The support you provide today, will be lasting. It will allow us to educate boys, of many different backgrounds, to make our world a better place. It will allow us to strengthen our foundation for growth and expansion to inspire school spirit. It will unite our past and present to create a legacy of brotherhood for years to come.

I have more dreams, about what Devon Prep can be. The future of our institution is bright and a model of our Calasanctian values – Charity, Humility, Patience, Community, and Honesty.

This community is a special one, and I thank you for caring and giving so heartily to
it. God Bless You!