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The Tech program here at Devon prepares students for the future workforce by providing unmatched knowledge in the realm of technology. At the Tech Department we focus on real world learning that follows the design process. There are many opportunities for collaboration among peers and development of problem solving skills. Devon Prep has a variety of tech courses that appeal to different types of tech learners. After all, technology is the future! 

Information Technology @ Devon

Students are given various real world challenges to help them grow in their understanding of the use of tech systems to solve problems, collect data, and identify trends. IT courses include Computer Science and Microsoft Certification, IT Systems, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A-Java.

Robotics @ Devon

Devon offers students a hands-on learning experience that combines the application of mechanical engineering with programming. The Robotics program includes electives such as Middle School Robotics, Robotics I, and Robotics II. Middle School students apply to join our competitive robotics team. 

Multimedia @ Devon

Students are able to express themselves through technology as they create digital art and learn to communicate their ideas visually. Multimedia courses include Graphic Design, Digital Illustration, Digital Photo Editing, Film Production, Video Game Design and Video Broadcasting. These multimedia courses expose students to the ADOBE Creative Suite as well as inform them in best practices for digital photography and video production.

Game Design @ Devon

Gaming has become increasingly more popular and Devon has created a program that allows students to develop their own games and compete in eSports. Game Design courses include introduction to game coding at the Middle School level and a Game Design course at the high school level. Our high school eSports Team offers competitive play as well as team collaboration. 

E-Sports @ Devon

The esports program, prepares students for careers in the rapidly growing, billion-dollar esports industry. The program provides students with hands-on esports training and national competitive gameplay, teaching teamwork, communication, critical thinking and tech skills. Utilizing our newest installation of gaming PC’s, keyboards and mice. Our players dominate on the 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12700 Processor with a 12gb NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, 1TB storage and 32gb RAM on Lenovo Legion machines. The program is more than just gaming – it prepares students for college esports scholarships and future careers. Students learn teamwork, communication, problem-solving, branding, live streaming, event management, and more. Esports is one of the fastest growing career fields with projections of over $2 billion in college scholarship opportunities by 2025.