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Devon Prep’s Villanova Partnership

Devon Prep students have the opportunity to sign up for and complete undergraduate and professional studies courses at Villanova University.

The University reviewed the Devon curriculum and came up with specific courses in their catalog they feel will enhance and supplement what our boys are already studying. Students will have the option to apply to all courses with open seats within the College of Professional Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and potentially within Villanova’s prestigious Business and Engineering programs with special permission from the Deans.

“We couldn’t be happier to pair with Villanova,” said Devon Prep Headmaster Rev. Francisco Aisa, Sch.P.  “We are always looking to expand our course offerings, and recent, successful additions and improvements to the Devon curriculum have emboldened us to go further for our boys. Taking Villanova courses – in any academic area, on the campus itself – allows our students to become accustomed to the college environment now, not down the line. Devon Prep is taking this significant step to ensure we’re doing all we can, and offering all we can, to prepare our students to tackle college from day one.”

In reviewing our options, Villanova certainly works from a location perspective. However, with the University’s growing popularity and long-standing reputation as a top-tier academic institution, combined with our commonality in mission, the choice was an easy one for the Devon administration to make. “Villanova wants a community to live a Villanova lifestyle and to be immersed in what it means to be a Villanova student,” Father Aisa continued. “We look for the same passion in all our applicants and students attending Devon Prep – academically, spiritually, athletically, and socially – that they want to be here and be an active, participating member in our Devon Prep community.

Students will have to reach specific criteria to be considered for the program, and the application process will run directly through Villanova. During the inaugural year only seniors can apply, but in future years qualified juniors will be eligible, too. While we know we aren’t the first school in the area to partner with a university, we are the first to do so in this fashion with Villanova. This isn’t a program open to a select few. We want as many of our students as possible to be afforded this opportunity

We are extremely proud to offer Devon Prep students an additional dynamic to their education, and proud to be partnering with Villanova University to prepare our students for their next steps, both in college and in life.

For more information about the Villanova Partnership, please contact Elizabeth Eshleman, Director of College Counseling, eeshleman@devonprep.com