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The 2024 Spring Musical

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The Theater Program

Devon Prep has a robust Theater Program and puts on two productions every school year; the Fall Drama and Spring Musical. Both productions have a student Stage Crew component and are run by a professional Production Team. The theatrical productions are open to 8th grade and up. In addition there is an Acting Fundamentals elective offered in the curriculum at both the middle school and high school level.

The Fall Drama occurs every Fall season, it is a play production which focuses primarily on acting on the stage. Students from local girls schools are invited to participate. Professionally directed, the play is supported by a full Production Team and includes a student Stage Crew component. Some examples of recent plays are: Peter and the Starcatcher (2023), The Election (2022), CLUE (2021), God’s Favorite (2019), Harvey (2018).

The Spring Musical occurs in March every year, it is a musical based production which focuses on acting, singing and dancing. Girls from local schools are invited to participate. Just like the Fall Drama, the Musical is also professionally directed, supported by a full Production Team and includes a student Stage Crew. Our Musicals are hosted at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, giving our students theatrical experience in a professional space. Check out our program from High Fidelity Spring 2023!