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Art Curriculum at Devon Prep

The Visual and Sculptural Arts curriculum at Devon Prep is geared towards supporting expression, creativity and innovation.

Middle School Art Curriculum

The Middle School Art curriculum includes the fundamentals of visual and sculptural art as well as a focus on students becoming innovative and confident thinkers through the design process. Academic subjects are intertwined within the Arts curriculum to ensure alternative learning methods and scaffolding for students with multiple abilities. All middle school students are enrolled in an Art class.

High School Art & Design Electives

The High School Art program has an underlying focus on cross-curricular Art & Design. Electives are geared towards the introduction of 21st century careers within a variety of design fields. Opening their horizons towards professional paths which gives them the skills to problem solve with confidence.

Electives offered at the High School level: Art 101, MakerSpace: Sculpture and Construction, Design Thinking, Graphic Design, 3D Printing, Ceramics, Design Materials and Methods, AP Art.

Makerspace: Sculpture and Construction students designing and building a wall mounted storage unit using the Wood Shop in the Creative Suite.

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