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2022-2023 Student Clubs and Organizations

Over 50 active clubs and organizations! Many serving an official school function or competing in a competition, many are simply for fun and socialization. 

Students interested in starting a new club should speak with a faculty member, as well as the Coordinator of Students Activities in order to get it started

All clubs met during advising on the day indicated unless otherwise noted. 


Moderator: Mr. Duffy

Students compete against their peers from other Chester County schools, answering questions about literature, fine arts, history, current events, science and mathematics. Try-outs for the Varsity and JV teams are open to all high school students. 


Moderator: Mrs. Haroun

Location: Art Room (510)

Arts Student Council members are appointed by the head of the Fine Arts department and assist in planning concerts, shows, exhibits and other events relating to Devon’s theater, music and fine arts student groups. All high school students are invited to join; however, leadership positions are appointed by Ms. Haroun. 

BOARD GAME CLUB                  

Moderator: Mrs. Mulholland 

Board game club meets once a cycle to play various board games in a relaxed environment. Board games, card games, and strategy games can be played in small groups. 

BOOK CLUB            

Moderator: Mrs. Grahn

Student Book Club offers students the opportunity to read and discuss books of their choosing, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, mystery, etc. Students will also collectively decide on a book they would want to read and discuss, together. 


Moderator: Mr. Haas

Play chess, appreciate chess!


Moderator: Mr. Fisher

The purpose of this club is to prepare students for EF Tours International Trips, ran by Mr. Fisher and Mr. Roxberry on an annually/bi-annual schedule. All students who are attending the trip MUST be enrolled in this club. 


Moderator: Mr. Fisher

The purpose of this group is to help prepare our Devon Prep Athletes for potentially participating in interscholastic sports in college. The club will focus on the necessary things our athletes must do, OFF the ‘field’ in order to participate in sports in college. Due to the nature of this club, attendance at this club is mandatory. It is open to any high school students at Devon who currently participate in a sport. The level of sport does not matter.


Moderator: Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Duffy 

The students will have frequent opportunities to exercise and enhance their imaginations and individual writing skills.


Moderator: Mrs. Highley        

This group will examine issues of physical and mental diversity. The group will meet once per cycle and view videos and engage in discussions about ways to be more understanding of the issues we face in society today. 


Moderator: Mrs. Leary         

Aimed at environmental consciousness and promoting sustainability at school, the Devon Preparatory Environmental Protection Club’s (EPC) main goals are to educate Devon students in environmentally friendly practices, reduce the amount of environmental degradation the school contributes yearly, plan 2 service trips and an Earth Day event, and run the recycling program.


Moderators: Mr. O’Hara & Mr. Sauer

Draft your team and compete in a Fantasy Football League with your peers, including head-to-head match-ups, playoffs, and a prize for the champion. Other fantasy sport leagues suggested by students will be considered.


Moderator: Ms. Weber          

The French Club will be open to both middle and high school students. The club will focus on understanding and promoting aspects of French culture and will explore ways to promote the French language within the student body.


Moderator: Ms. Marrea Walker-Smith

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. is the largest business Career and Technical Student Organization in the world. Through the work of FBLA, students engage in activities and learn to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.


Moderator: Mrs. Highley

Long ago…In a classroom far away….

Well, maybe not that far. Jedi vs. Sith, Republic vs. Separatists, Rebellion vs. Empire! If you like Star Wars, then you’re in luck. DP’s Official Star Wars Club (The Galactice Guild) will celebrate all things star wars. Meetings will spend time discussing past and recent releases, diving into theories and movie plots (and subplots), and participating in various galactic-activities. 


Moderator: Dr. MacDonald

This club is offered to students with advanced language skills and will be conducted in German.  Advanced language games and conversation will be the emphasis of club activities.


Moderator: Mr. Haas

History Club is a student led, club made for people to come together and enjoy different aspects of history.  In this club students will be able to learn and discuss different topics in history.  We will watch films/documentaries about history, have debates over certain historical topics, teach others a topic in history you like, and possibly visit some historical sites in the area.


Moderator: Mrs. Mulholland

The purpose of the Mathletes club is to challenge and entertain mathematically interested students in high quality math competitions. Meetings will be spent preparing to compete in mathematics contests. Through participation, students can explore more options to challenge themselves, promote growth in their problem-solving skills, and become lifelong learners of math.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Moderator:  Ms. Gilliford

Guided YouTube meditations, gratitude journals, mental health activities, confidence building, stress relief, easy desk yoga, anxiety reducing activities


Moderators: Mr. Gavin & Mr. Gentile       

Mission and Ministry is designed to plan, organize, and execute all service opportunities presented to the school community.  Mission and Ministry take part in the planning of our annual drives. This group helps coordinate all opportunities both in and outside of school. Interested high schoolers should contact Mr. Gentile and Mr. Gavin. 

MOCK TRIAL            

Moderator: Mr. Sheehan & Mr. Duffy

The mission of the Mock Trial Club is to learn the fundamentals of trial skills and strategies, to improve understanding of our legal system, and to continue to successfully compete in mock trial tournaments. *Meets first quarter only, then as scheduled.

MODEL UN Moderator: Mr. Peter Haas

The Model UN club engages in an authentic simulation of the United Nations system by learning about the UN system, the skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution and negotiation. MUN team members have fun learning about the workings of world diplomacy through the lens of current events, and participate in the Model UN conference.


Moderator: Mr. Grayberg

Devon’s Music Ministry group is responsible for playing music to accompany our school-wide mass celebrations. All students who play an instrument or enjoy singing are welcome to join. Students should contact Mr. Grayberg if interested. 


Moderator: Mr. Roxberry

A club for the league that never stops. Whether it is recent gameplay, team-building and roster construction, all-time rankings, draft, free agency, analytics, rules interpretation, NBA2K, salary cap etc. No NBA topic is off-limits because ball is life! Come spread your knowledge and opinions. We love this game!


Moderator: Ms. Desch/English department staff

The student newspaper, the Devon Dialogue, gives students a basic understanding of journalism, photography, and newspaper writing techniques.  Members are encouraged to come up with stories that detail all aspects of the Devon community, including sports, clubs, op-eds, interviews, and more. Additionally, members write, edit, and layout using Adobe InDesign the issues published throughout the school year.  Exceptional commitment earns students entry into the Quill & Scroll International Journalism Honor Society.

SKI & SNOWBOARD CLUB             

Moderator: Mrs. Leary

The Ski & Snowboard Club is an organization passionate about skiing and snowboarding. The club plans 2 Saturday trips to East coast mountains. DP Ski & Snowboard is a club open to all levels of expertise, offering mentorship and lessons during the Saturday trips. Open to all high school students, though middle school students may also participate in weekend trips. *This club meets in Q1 through Q3e

SPANISH & HISPANIC CULTURE CLUB Moderator: Mr. Schwarz          

The students participating in the Hispanic Language and Culture club will be encouraged to explore the Hispanic language and its cultures as well as be given the opportunity to enhance their Spanish conversational skills.  Students will learn and experience various aspects of Hispanic culture such as food, music, art and customs. 


Moderator: Mr. McCabe          

Sports/trading cards are back in the scene! This club is designed to discuss sports cards, (baseball, basketball, football, etc) in depth. Discover the art of researching and evaluating sports collectible cards and learn the market! This club will routinely discuss different players and current teams, and how their current or future worth will be impacted by things like sports performance, unique design/nature, and the various team-markets that these players are located in. 


Moderator: Mrs. Brightwell

The SpeakUp! Leadership team collaborates with students from Malvern Prep, Villa Maria Academy and the Academy of Notre Dame to organize the SpeakUp! Event in late January. This event is dedicated to helping teens develop positive relationships with the adults in their lives through facilitated small-group discussions on topics such as stress, drugs and alcohol, and relationships. Meetings are not scheduled on the cycle; high schoolers should contact Mrs. Brightwell directly for information in participating. 


Moderator: Mr. Woodward

Sports Broadcasting Club is for those who love watching sports on TV and would like to know more about the behind-the-scenes world of sports broadcasting. Students work on a production team to broadcast Devon sporting events LIVE on the Devon Prep Facebook page. Students have the chance to operate school cameras around the baseball field and gym, or to be in front of the camera as broadcasting anchors. 


Moderator: Mr. Roxberry

The Devon Prep Student Council is responsible for most of the student life. DPSC not only mediates between the administration, faculty, Parents Association, alumni, and the student body, but also administers and finances most of the students’ activities. Dances, tailgates, basketball games, prom, and various other activities are organized and managed by the Student Council. Student Council members, especially the executive board, often represent Devon Prep at events both on and off campus. Members of the student council are elected by fellow students.


Moderator: Ms. Sperratore


Moderator: Dr. Robin MacDonald

Yearbook welcomes all who are interested in creating a visual and written record of the school year.  Students interested in photography, writing, or graphic design who join yearbook will receive credit for the course. Open by application with Dr. MacDonald.


Moderators: Mr. Peter Haas & Mr. Jack Duffy

This club is a combination of both the Young Republicans and Young Democrats. We will examine the issues that relate to the political arena in our nation, both current and historical. The format will vary, but will include debates on issues selected both by the students and the moderator.