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2019-2020 Clubs

Academic Competition Team

Moderator: Mr. Jack Duffy

Students compete against their peers from other Chester County schools, answering questions about literature, fine arts, history, current events, science and mathematics. Try-outs for the Varsity and JV teams are open to all high school students. 

Academic Excursion Club

Moderator: Mr. Peter Haas

This club will organize, plan, and run field trips to museums and tourist spots within the city of Philadelphia. The purpose of these trips is to enhance the student’s knowledge of the area around them and of the historical and cultural significance of Philadelphia. In the 2019-2020 school year, the AEC will visit the Franklin Institute, Eastern State Penitentiary, UPenn Museum of Anthropology and Archeology, and Discovery Center. 

Alter Servers Club

Moderator: Mr. Dominic Gentile

Altar Servers receive the preparation for serving in the weekly Mass celebration. Every week they review their commitment and prepare themselves for the liturgical celebration and work as a team taking care of all the details that may help to have a beautiful celebration. Open to both middle and high school students. 

Arts Student Council

Moderator: Ms. Sara Haroun

Arts Student Council members are appointed by the head of the Fine Arts department and assist in planning concerts, shows, exhibits and other events relating to Devon’s theater, music and fine arts student groups. All high school students are invited to join; however, leadership positions are appointed by Ms. Haroun. 

Chem Club

Moderator: Dr. Sarah Rayder

The ChemClub is a high school club that invites, motivates, and encourages students to explore chemistry beyond the classroom.  The club is supported by ACS (American Chemical Society) that provides themed quarterly packets that include experiments, demos and other activities for students.  In the past Devon Prep’s ChemClub has performed demos for the middle school Halloween Party; investigated the use of “dry-ice” in making root beer and ice cream; investigated liquid nitrogen; and everyone’s favorite, the “Thermite reaction”.

Cornhole Club

Moderator: Ms. Kelly Brightwell & Mr. Greg Sauer

Cornhole is a game where players take turns throwing bean bags into a hole on a wooden board. A bag that goes into the hole scores 3 points, one on the board scores 1 point. Join for fun filled advising periods with competitions, tournaments, and game twists that will make lasting memories. Open to both middle and high school students. *This club meets only during the first and fourth quarters.

Diversity Club

Moderator: Ms. Jane Highley

This group will examine issues of physical and mental diversity. The group will meet once per cycle and view videos and engage in discussions about ways to be more understanding of the issues we face in society today. Open to all high school students. 

Environmental Protection Club

Moderator: Ms. Kimberly Nolan

Aimed at environmental consciousness and promoting sustainability at school, the Devon Preparatory Environmental Protection Club’s (EPC) main goals are to educate Devon students in environmentally friendly practices, reduce the amount of environmental degradation the school contributes yearly, plan 2 service trips and an Earth Day event, run the recycling program and build an on campus greenhouse. This club is open to all high school students.

Devon Prep Flag Football Team

Moderator: Mr. Jason Fisher

The DPFL is Devon Prep’s intramural flag football league. All high school students are welcome to sign up and are drafted into one of six teams coached by faculty & staff members. Games are held after school in the late fall. A medical form and $20 fee are required to join. More information to come in early fall.

Forensics Club (MS)

Moderator: Ms. Emily Minbiole

Develop skills of a forensic scientist in the Middle School Forensic Science Club! Learn how to investigate crime scenes and collect evidence. Become an expert in analyzing hair, fibers, fingerprints, blood spatter patterns and other forms of evidence to answer the question “Whodunnit?”.

French Club

Moderator: Ms. Gabriela Dokas

The French Club will be open to both middle and high school students. The club will focus on understanding and promoting aspects of French culture and will explore ways to promote the French language within the student body.

German Club

Moderator: Dr. Robin MacDonald

The German Club is a great opportunity for students to practice speaking German and to participate in activities that incorporate the language and culture of German-speaking countries. Members will help plan for the visit of  student exchanges students and organize activities that promote the appreciation of German culture.

Health Club

Moderator: Ms. Nicole Botta

The Health Club meets once a cycle to discuss health-related topics and plan events for both the club and school. The club is instrumental in the planning of Health Week and also assists in planning school-wide speakers. Open to all high school students. *Meets only during the second semester.

Lego Robotics Club (MS)

Moderator: Mr. David Woodward

Learn to design, build, test, and program your own LEGO EV3 robots. Work in teams to build robots and compete in mini-challenges within the club. *This club meets only in the first semester.


Moderator: Ms. Emily Todd (HS)

The purpose of the Mathletes club is to challenge and entertain mathematically interested students in high quality math competitions. Meetings will be spent preparing to compete in mathematics contests. Through participation, students can explore more options to challenge themselves, promote growth in their problem-solving skills, and become lifelong learners of math. *Middle school Mathletes meets only in the second semester.

Mission & Ministry

Moderator: Mr. Dominic Gentile & Mr. Dylan Gavin

Mission and Ministry is designed to plan, organize, and execute all service opportunities presented to the school community.  Mission and Ministry takes part in the planning of our annual drives. This group helps coordinate all opportunities both in and outside of school. Interested high schoolers should contact Mr. Gentile and Mr. Gavin.

Mock Trial

Moderator: Mr. George Sheehan

The mission of the Mock Trial Club is to learn the fundamentals of trial skills and strategies, to improve understanding of our legal system, and to continue to successfully compete in mock trial tournaments.

Model UN

Moderator: Mr. Peter Haas

The Model UN club engages in an authentic simulation of the United Nations system by learning about the UN system, the skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution and negotiation. MUN team members have fun learning about the workings of world diplomacy through the lens of current events, and participate in the Model UN conference in Hershey, PA.

Music Ministry

Moderator: Ms. Emily Byrne

Devon’s Music Ministry group is responsible for playing music to accompany our school-wide mass celebrations. All students who play an instrument or enjoy singing are welcome to join. Service hours are awarded for participation. Open to both middle and high school students.

Music Production Club

Moderator: Ms. Kate Frank & Ms. Emily Byrne

Do you enjoy writing or playing your own music? In this club, you will collaborate with other songwriters and performers to create your own music. Learn Garage Band and make your beats come to LIFE! Open to all high school students. *This club meets in the second semester only.

Newspaper: The Devon Dialogue

Moderator: Ms. Samantha Desch

The student newspaper, the Devon Dialogue, gives students a basic understanding of journalism, photography, and newspaper writing techniques.  Members are encouraged to come up with stories that detail all aspects of the Devon community, including sports, clubs, op-eds, interviews, and more. Additionally, members write, edit, and layout using Adobe InDesign the issues published throughout the school year.  Exceptional commitment earns students entry into the Quill & Scroll International Journalism Honor Society. Open to both middle and high school students.

Philosophy Club

Moderator: Mr. Alex Price

In Philosophy Club, we will discuss “big questions” concerning life, ethics, God, relationships, current events, history, art, and more. We will foster authentic dialogue and argumentation so that students may come to understand various ideas and viewpoints, while learning to defend their own beliefs well. We will also take a look at logic so that our discussions may actually bring us closer to truth. Open to all high school students. *Meets only in the first semester.

Science Olympiad

Moderator: Dr. Sarah Rayder

This club is a competitive program for students who are enthusiastic about science. Some events require knowledge of facts and concepts, while others require students to design and build devices that complete a given task. Event topics include all the science content areas along with basic engineering principles. Fifteen team members are selected in the the fall with competitions throughout the winter and spring. 

Ski & Snowboard Club  

Moderator: Ms. Kimberly Nolan

The Ski & Snowboard Club is an organization passionate about skiing and snowboarding. The club plans 2 Saturday trips to East coast mountains. DP Ski & Snowboard is a club open to all levels of expertise, offering mentorship and lessons during the Saturday trips. Open to all high school students, though middle school students may also participate in weekend trips. *This club meets in Q1 through Q3.

Spanish Club

Moderator: Mr. Will Schwarz

The students participating in the Hispanic Language and Culture club will be encouraged to explore the Hispanic language and its cultures as well as be given the opportunity to enhance their Spanish conversational skills.  Students will learn and experience various aspects of Hispanic culture such as food, music, art and customs. 


Moderator: Ms. Kelly Brightwell

The SpeakUp! Leadership team collaborates with students from Malvern Prep, Villa Maria Academy and the Academy of Notre Dame to organize the SpeakUp! Event in late January. This event is dedicated to helping teens develop positive relationships with the adults in their lives through facilitated small-group discussions on topics such as stress, drugs and alcohol, and relationships. Meetings are not scheduled on the cycle; high schoolers should contact Mrs. Brightwell directly for information in participating. 

Sports Broadcasting Club

Moderator: Mr. David Woodward & Mr. Matt O’Hara

Sports Broadcasting Club is for those who love watching sports on TV and would like to know more about the behind-the-scenes world of sports broadcasting. Students work on a production team to broadcast Devon sporting events LIVE on the Devon Prep Facebook page. Students have the chance to operate school cameras around the baseball field and gym, or to be in front of the camera as broadcasting anchors. Open to all high school students.

Student Council

Moderator: Mrs. Gabriela Dokas

The Devon Prep Student Council is highly active within Devon and coordinates most of the student life. DPSC not only mediates between the administration, faculty, Parents Association, alumni, and the student body, but also administers and finances most of the students’ activities. Dances, tailgates, basketball games, prom, and various other activities are organized and managed by the Student Council. Student Council members, especially the executive board, often represent Devon Prep’s student body at events both on and off campus. Members of the student council are elected by fellow students, and active participation in the Student Council provides training for leadership, service, and loyalty.

Supreme Court Club

Moderator: Mr. Jack Duffy

The Supreme Court Club meets once a cycle to discuss and debate both historical and current cases of the United States Supreme Court. The format for each meeting will vary based on the interests of members. *This club meets only in the second semester.

Tech Heads

Moderator: Mr. Dave Woodward

The Tech Heads club explores Devon Prep’s technology.  Students are introduced to Devon Prep’s tech infrastructure, with a focus on function and end user support. We also explore any and all topics the club members have an interest or experience that they wish to share.

Yearbook: The Calasanctian

Moderator: Dr. Robin MacDonald

Yearbook welcomes all who are interested in creating a visual and written record of the school year.  Students interested in photography, writing, or graphic design who join yearbook will receive credit for the course.  The staff meets on A and D days during advising. If you are interested, see Dr. MacDonald.

Young Politicians Club

Moderator: Mr. Peter Haas

Meeting Day: first semester onlyThis club is a combination of both the Young Republicans and Young Democrats. We will examine the issues that relate to the political arena in our nation, both current and historical. The format will vary, but will include debates on issues selected both by the students and the moderator. Meets only in the fall semester.