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Fine Arts Program at Devon Prep

Fine Arts at Devon Prep are wide ranging with offerings in everything from Visual and Sculptural Art to Music and Theater with a focus on cultivating creativity and self-expression within multiple Art forms.

The Visual and Sculptural Art program offers a foundational middle school curriculum as well as multiple innovative and immersive electives in the High School. Electives include Studio Arts, Sculptural Arts, Design Thinking etc.

The Music program offers foundational courses in the middle school as well as a variety of groups and organizations for musicians of all skill levels and talents. Vocal groups such as ChoralTide and instrumental groups such as Jazz band and Rock band are just a few highlights of the program.

The Theater program puts on two large productions every year, one being the Fall Drama and the other being the Spring Musical. Positions of all kinds are available to students, such as performing, Stage Crew, and costumes. The students are involved in all stages of the productions. These are highly immersive experiences where students get to learn the ins and outs of theater.