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Dress Code

(The dress code is also published in the Student Handbook.)

  • Basic Uniform
  • Summer Uniform Shirt
  • Sweaters
  • Hair and jewelry
  • Recreation
  • Gym
  • Hours

Basic Uniform

Students must wear a dress shirt, a necktie properly fitted to the neck, properly fitted dress slacks (which must include a conservative-style belt), socks, and dress shoes.

Dress slacks must be properly fitted at the waist. Dress slacks should be of a conservative, plain color (black, blue, gray, brown, khaki or tan). Carpenter pants, cargo pants, jeans, shorts, plaid etc. are not acceptable.

A dress shirt is a shirt that is designed to be worn with a necktie and is either a solid color or has a conservative pattern. Shirts must be tucked in properly. When a T-shirt is worn under the dress shirt, it must be white with no writing or pictures.

Summer Uniform Shirt

Unless stated to the contrary, students may wear a Devon Prep golf shirt (see purchasing information above), in place of the dress shirt and tie from the first Monday in April until the last Friday in October. This change applies only to the shirt, not to the rest of the dress code.

Dress shoes are defined as leather or leather-like shoes such as would be worn on a formal occasion.


In addition to the dress code, a student may wear a crew-neck sweater or a sport or suit jacket. Turtlenecks are not permitted. No garment may be worn over a golf shirt. Sweatshirts may not be worn at any time.

Hair and jewelry

Students must be clean shaven. Hair must be neatly styled and may not be excessive in length. Earrings may not be worn. The only acceptable jewelry items are religious medals on plain chains, Devon Prep ring, and a watch.

Only those plastic bracelets for medical and charity causes that are approved by the administration may be worn. The number of such bracelets worn simultaneously may be limited.


Ties and dress shoes need not be worn during recreation and lunch periods. However, shirt tails musty be tucked in during lunch and in the hallways during these periods. Sneakers must be worn on the gym floor.


The required gym uniform is a navy blue t-shirt (no large graphic designs) and navy blue shorts. Students may wear clothing they already have or purchase what they need in the Devon Shop or at a store of their preference.


  • The school dress code is in effect from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Students are not permitted to change clothes during school hours, except in the locker rooms for physical education classes. After school, clothes may be changed only in the locker rooms or bathrooms.

For purposes of clarification, the administration will determine what constitutes proper dress code.

Casual, but appropriate, dress is required at all School events outside regular school hours.