Middle School

A Message from the Middle School Director

As Middle School Director I am happy to share some personal thoughts withfaculty brazunus barry you regarding Devon Preparatory School. I strongly believe the Catholic, private, school setting has much to offer our young men of today, especially the opportunity to be educated in a value-oriented, faith-based environment. In addition to offering an excellent educational program where our goal is to challenge each student to reach his full potential, we also make every effort to make our students feel that they are an important member of our middle school community.

Our school was founded by the Piarist Order of priests in 1956. The Priaist Order is dedicated to the education of the young and several priests in the Order continue to teach at Devon Prep while also overseeing the progress of the school. The Piarist Order requires “that every faculty member be committed to the intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development of each student.”

The Piarists and the faculty of Devon Prep are also committed to providing a safe and supportive atmosphere thereby creating an environment in which students can confidently excel academically within a Christian culture which fosters a love of God and a positive self-image and a respect for others.

As each year at Devon unfolds and familiarity grows among faculty, staff, students and parents, you will observe the great personal value our faculty places on faith, family and the importance of our students’ education. You will come to learn that we believe our young men have much to learn and much to offer in making our world a better place for all.

As a teacher, school counselor, administrator and former coach, and as the father of three sons, I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise with you. As you learn about Devon Prep you will find that we provide each student a positive, meaningful educational journey – and when they leave as Devon Prep graduates they are prepared to be responsible, compassionate leaders able willing to serve God and the community.

God Bless You,