Athletics News Updates:
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Philosophy of Athletes

Devon Prep’s Athletic Program is an integral part of physical education and an intrinsic phase of the educational curriculum of the school.  In athletics, students are afforded an essential opportunity for the practice and perfection of personal and group skills which have been presented in the more formal physical education class instruction.

Athletics, like physical education, is conducted so that it contributes to the development of vigorous health and physical fitness, and to a positive attitude toward their maintenance throughout life; to the development of a variety of useful and wholesome recreational skills; to the development of play interest, habits and attitudes which will be useful in finding wholesome outlets for recreation during leisure time throughout life; to the development of desirable social growth and adjustment and to the relief rather than the increase of emotional strains and tensions.

The Devon Prep Athletic Department seeks to develop loyalty, sportsmanship, perseverance and leadership in each of our students.  We encourage students to participate in athletics, granting each student the opportunity to continue playing his favorite sport or to try something new.

One of the great benefits of a small school such as Devon Prep is the opportunity for students to compete at a high level.  Relative to many of their peers at larger schools, Devon Prep students enjoy an excellent opportunity to compete at the varsity level on a regular basis.