Skip & Cathy Genuardi Challenge – We did it!

Thank you!! We did it! With the generous support of the Devon Prep Community we have not only met, but exceeded the Skip and Cathy Genuardi Challenge!

During the one year challenge period we collected a total of $418,367. In recognition of our efforts and success, the Genuardis matched the entire amount!

The Skip and Cathy Genuardi Challenge generated a lot of excitement and energy and has had a major impact on the Campaign for Devon Prep. The Challenge motivated new donors and larger gifts, and inspired past donors to renew their support. It brought the $5.0 Million goal within reach, and with additional support, we will meet and exceed that as well!

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The Skip and Cathy Genuardi Challenge

On the heels of receiving construction approval to renovate our main school building this summer, the Campaign for Devon Prep is excited and honored to announce the Skip & Cathy Genuardi Challenge Grant.  The challenge will be a dollar for dollar match up to $300,000, and upon meeting the challenge requirements will be the single largest gift in Devon Preparatory School’s history.

In September of 1962 Francis “Skip” Genuardi entered Devon Preparatory School as one of 90 freshmen. Coming from Visitation Parish in Trooper, he found Devon Prep “had a comfortable campus, it was manageable and had a reputation for being a good school.”

Four years later he graduated with 59 remaining classmates. But it wasn’t until a few years after that, he began to really understand the value of his Devon Prep education.

“About five years later, you look back after you’ve got your bachelor’s degree and you’re dealing with the real world, and you think, ‘I got a pretty good education at Devon Prep’,” he said. “It got me through college and it’s given me a basis for where I am now. And that’s one of the things that I reflected on through most of my life – why do I care about Devon Prep? Why do I come back here? I was appreciative in my later life, more than my time here, how much I actually learned at Devon.”

Because of his Devon Prep past Skip Genuardi and his wife Cathy have been loyal supporters of the school. His philanthropic philosophy is that you should give to something you are passionate about and that warrants your personal support and attention. Thankfully, Devon Prep is among his many passions.

“Devon is a pretty high end private school. And people should know that there’s a high quality faculty here that is really given the opportunity to bring out the most in their students,” Skip said. “They really are looking more at the total man and what the total man needs to face that world out there.”

He encourages any alumni or alumni parents who have not visited the school recently to do so. He believes the changes that have taken place to date and the improvements to come because of the latest Capital Campaign will make the community proud. According to Skip, the singularity of the programs, the small class sizes, the teacher student ratio and the community spirit of the school are all reasons to support Devon Prep.

For their part Skip and Cathy Genuardi have generously issued a $300,000 Challenge Grant. From April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018 they will match all gifts donated to the Capital Campaign up to $300,000 – making it a potential $600,000 donation. This is a first for Skip, and he hopes the Challenge will be a stepping stone for others to give.

If you would like to help Devon Prep meet the Capital Campaign goal, CLICK HERE to make a “One Time” donation,  CLICK HERE for a “Recurring Pledge”, or CLICK HERE to download and print a donation form. 

Contact the Development Office at 610-688-7337 with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continuing support of Devon Prep!