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About the Auction

The goal of the Spring Tide fundraiser is to raise money for dedicated needs at Devon Prep to enhance the overall academic experience holistically -academically, physically and socially.  To raise these much needed funds, the Spring Tide Committee hosts this annual, celebratory event where current families, alumni and friends of Devon Prep come together for a festive evening with food, entertainment and camaraderie mixed with wonderful live and silent auctions. 
This year’s theme is “Rock and Roll Tide”.  The students, your sons, are Devon Prep’s number one priority and this fundraiser directly benefits them!  Let us take you through the decades of music that we all know and love while making you look like a rock star for supporting Devon Prep. 

The proceeds raised from this year’s event will benefit three diverse areas: 
  1. The Spring Tide Committee is proud to announce that it will be completing the last of a three-year commitment to technology for the school.
  2. The funds raised will add to the Devon Prep’s endowment.
  3. The school has agreed to use Spring Tide proceeds to renovate and update the cafeteria for the boys. We want to create a friendly, hang-out environment complete with new furnishings and technology.  Please review our renderings to get an idea of what we are trying to accomplish.  

Review the Auction Flip Book 

Take a sneak peek at what Spring Tide’s auction will hold in store for you this coming Saturday! Check out our Catalog before the big day.

Purchasing Event and/or Raffle Tickets

To purchase Event Tickets and / or Raffle Tickets, please click HERE.
Note: This link will bring you to the website where you can purchase Event Tickets. However, if you are unable to attend the event, and you would like to purchase only Raffle Tickets, you have the option to click “skip”on the bottom of the website to purchase raffle tickets or make a donation to 2018 Spring Tide.

Dress Code

Gentlemen, are you a Beatle, a Lenny, or a Springsteen?
Ladies, are you more of a Joan Jett, a Tina or a Stevie?
Whatever you are, ROCK whatever look you want! If a concert tee and jeans is how you ROLL, that’s fine too!

Rock’n Roll Chic – everything goes!