Mission Statement

Devon Preparatory School is a private, Catholic, college prep school, grades six to twelve, focused on the holistic education of young men for life.

The mission of the Piarist order is the holistic education of youth. Founded with the motto “Pietas et litterae” (Piety and learning), the order continues to evolve for and with Devon Prep.

Devon Prep serves as an important priority to enabling the Piarist mission of preparing young men for the rigors of 21st century life by modeling, in word and deed, the Piarist values of charity, humility, patience, respect, and simplicity.


Devon Prep Identity

Devon Preparatory School is singularly focused on preparing young men not just for college, but for the entirety of their lives. By operating our school at the speed, intensity, and standards of real life, our young men are well-positioned to succeed and be leaders for their lives and callings beyond Devon Prep.

We educate and inspire our students by holding them accountable to the highest academic and moral standards. Through the support of the entire Devon Prep community, students learn how to demand high standards from themselves.

At the same time, we understand the stresses a rigorous environment can create for our young men. The Devon Prep community is committed to the emotional well-being of our students. Through the teaching of coping skills, stress management, and creating a trusting environment where students can share concerns, students learn how to navigate the challenges of life in a constructive, healthy way.

Academics, athletics, and extra-curricular activities serve to:

  • Challenge students in a nurturing way to step outside their comfort zones, learn more about themselves, and their capabilities
  • Create an environment where students demand of themselves high expectations and standards
  • Develop an intellectual curiosity of the world and have a strong moral and ethical compass to both anchor and guide them
The Key Principles that fulfill the Devon Prep Identity
  • Our Catholic, Piarist centered tradition ensures the highest priority is educating the total young man (intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally)
  • Devon Prep’s intimate, but diverse, student body population is a strength and an advantage. Faculty and staff get to know each student on an individual level, the school can make adjustments and adaptions more quickly than larger, slower institutions, and we can foster a deeper sense of school community.
  • Devon Prep is a rigorous, world class academic institution. Our key differentiator is our focus on offering the highest quality education through a challenging, cutting edge curriculum taught by a well-credentialed faculty with a deep personal alignment to Devon Prep’s mission. We teach faculty and students to focus on the learning process, not just the outcomes. By focusing on the learning process, students increase attention and focus, develop critical thinking skills, and practice true learning.
  • Athletics and extra-curricular activities serve to supplement and complement academic learning by building a well-rounded person.
  • We will use tools and technology to enable students and faculty access to the best learning and teaching vehicles. Tools and technology will be evaluated to ensure they serve our learning process and not replace the process.