Middle School

Should you invest into Middle School? Absolutely!

The middle grades are also referred to as the “make it or break it” years, when some students begin to disengage from school, increasing the likelihood of poor grades and high school dropout.

Substantial numbers of future dropouts can be identified in as early as 6th grade (see below).


The Primary Off‐Track Indicators for Potential Dropouts:

• Attendance  85‐90% school attendance;

Behavior – “unsatisfactory” behavior mark in at least one class;

Course Performance – a final grade of “F” in Math and/or English or Credit‐Bearing HS Course.

According to a study by Robert Balfanz and Liza Herzog (Johns Hopkins University; Philadelphia Education Fund), sixth‐grade students with one or more of the indicators may have only a 15% to 25% chance of graduating from high school on time or within one year of expected graduation. 

At Devon Prep, we understand these risks and recognize that middle school students are unique with valid and important needs. That’s why we have offered a middle school learning environment for many years now, an environment that ignites the students’ curiosity and empowers them to be active participants in our community.

We offer a middle school program that facilitates the holistic education we provide to our high school students in an environment that seeks to challenge, but not overwhelm middle school aged students. This allows our students to build strong relationships with their teachers as well as their peers as they prepare to enter our high school. This intimate environment offers the support that middle school students need to grow, and lays the foundation for the students’ academic success in high school and beyond. 

Why Devon?

The strength of our middle school program lies in the multiple levels of oversight that exist among our administrators, counselors and staff regarding the academic, emotional and social development of each individual student. Our small class sizes allow for teachers to gain an intimate understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each student as well as the opportunity to collaborate with administrators and counselors about the best way to help him.  

Currently, there are a total of 76 kids enrolled in Devon’s Middle School Program. The national average public school student size is approximately 508 students (Source: www.publicschoolreview.com).

Is Devon Prep affordable? 

Devon Prep is more affordable than you think. Devon awards merit scholarships based on a student’s entrance exam results, transcript, extracurricular activities, and grades. In addition, Devon provides financial aid to those who qualify. To learn more about the financial aid process in private schools, follow this link.

Be smart about your son’s education and consider giving him a head start!

There is no doubt that a private school education is costly. However, as stated above, there are many benefits worth considering. If your child easily “flies under the radar”, and needs to be “tickled” in order to come out of his shell, or if he needs more individual attention and support in order to reach his academic potentials, investing into a private middle school education is a gift, and it results will last a lifetime.