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Dr. Lisa Mallen

Lisa Mallen is the Latin teacher for the Devon Preparatory School.  Trained as an archaeologist, with a PhD in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology from Bryn Mawr College, Lisa has extensive fieldwork experience all over the Mediterranean region, including Pompeii, and in various sites in the US.  With 10 years of teaching experience, Lisa has taught a range of courses from archaeology to ancient history to Greek and Latin.

As a Latin teacher, Lisa focuses not only on the vocabulary, morphology and syntax that students need to become successful in reading Latin, but she addresses the cultural context that led to Roman values, institutions and beliefs.  She also highlights the many connections between the Roman world and the world of today, as one of the themes of her courses is the impact the ancient world has had on the modern world.  As a teacher at a boys’ school, Lisa also emphasizes the roles and expectations of young Roman men while examining the lives of historical Romans.

A Philadelphian by birth, Lisa has spent most of her life in the greater Philadelphia area.  Prior to Devon, she taught at Linden Hall School for Girls in Lititz, PA for eight years.  In her free time, Lisa enjoys reading, gardening and practicing yoga.

Email: lmallen@devonprep.com