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Fr. Andrew Berinyuy

Fr. Andrew Berinyuy is the School Chaplain and Theology teacher for the Middle school. He
obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Philosophy of Education from the Catholic
University of Central Africa affiliated to the Salesian University in Rome. He also obtained a
Bachelor’s degree in Theology from the same university affiliated to the Pontifical Teresian
university in Rome. Fr. Andrew holds a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from
Fordham University, NY (2015), and another Master’s degree in Psychology from Divine Mercy
University, Sterling VA (2022) as well as a certificate in Spiritual Direction from Divine Mercy
university. He has been a Piarist Priest for 14 years during which he has served the Piarist
Fathers in different capacities including: Headmaster of a school, Pastor of a parish, Assistant
Provincial in charge of Piarist Schools in four countries in Central Africa, classroom teacher and
school chaplain. He is also the Mission Director in connection with the Development office for
the Piarist Fathers in Central Africa.

Email: aberinyuy@devonprep.com