Tennis – Middle School

Devon Prep now offers Tennis for its Middle School students.  Based on its holistic approach of education, Devon believes in the importance of a balance between academic challenges and physical and spiritual exercises.  By choosing to play tennis, students will not only enjoy being with their peers after school, they will also be more physically active and will spend less time in front of the screen. In addition, Tennis is a no-contact sport, and as a result, it feels less intimidating to some kids.

Why would tennis be a good choice for your son?

Children learn to concentrate, practice, focus, be patient, blend power and touch, be strategic, handle nerves, win and lose gracefully, develop stamina, set goals, play by rules, display sportsmanship, etc. In tennis, a player is responsible for every move he makes. His success is his own, but so is his disappointment — a combination that can quickly build confidence and self-esteem along with coping skills and resilience. Kids learn how to try hard and be the best they can be. 
(Source: Why Tennis? )


Devon Prep’s Tennis Team competes in the Bicentennial Athletic League (BAL), which is made up of public and private schools in Chester, Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties.

Head Coach – Mr. Greg Sauer –

Assistant Coach – Ms. Danielle Domarasky –

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