Devon Prep is happy to announce the start up of its Crew program.

Crew may just be the sport your child (or you!) has been looking for.

This sport is all about setting goals, facing adversity, winning, losing, staying fit, and working as part of a team.

Crew provides a great opportunity to learn the value of teamwork. Every oar-stroke from every rower affects the boat’s success. So if a boat does well in a race, everyone shares in the glory. And no matter how strong or skilled one rower may be, he is only as good as the rest of the boat. Hence, there are no superstars in crew.

Join our team!

The team will be comprised of students from grades 6-12 (Novice and Varsity). The team will practice after school 5 days a week and compete in races throughout the Spring.

Head Coach:

Colin McAlister –