Meet the Admissions Director

IMG_3929 (2)Mr. Kevin J. Mulholland  was named Admissions Director at Devon Preparatory School in July of 2016. A Class of 2002 alumnus, he succeeds Mr. Patrick Kane who now serves as the school’s Director of External Operations and is responsible for large gift donations.  In hPublication1 (2)is new post Mr. Mulholland is responsible for developing recruitment strategies and initiatives, attracting qualified and diverse students, and building and maintaining relationships with students, parents and area schools.

Mr. Mulholland comes to Devon Prep after several years as a Participant Services Administrator for The Vanguard Group in Malvern where he worked closely with clients, building long-term relationships. He also trained and mentored peers and new employees. Prior to Vanguard he served as the Communications Director of the College Planning Center, and an Associate Producer for Comcast SportsNet. Mr. Mulholland also served as the Assistant Director of Devon Prep’s Admissions Office in 2007.

Mr. Mulholland is excited to return to his alma mater and is eager to take on this new challenge. “Devon has always been a place I’ve felt strongly about, and I feel I’ve been afforded an opportunity to come back and contribute in a meaningful and positive way,” he said.  “As admissions director my goal is to grow the school, and to make sure as many students as possible are able to come to Devon and have as great and as lasting an experience as I had.”

Having been a student in the middle school and upper school, an alumnus and an employee, Mr. Mulholland believes his years of involvement with Devon Prep will be helpful in his new position. He has been connected to the school for nearly 20 years and feels that should help him relay what the school is all about to prospective parents and students.

“Devon’s strength is in its size, in its cultivation of a family atmosphere, and in its ability to afford the students such a wide range of courses and activities,” he explained.  “Students at Devon Prep are able to play sports, work on the musical, play in the band, support CAP, and contribute to Mock Trial, all while taking multiple AP courses – and that’s all in one year, not over the course of their scholastic career!”

“There’s strength in our longevity, as well,” he continued. “Many things have changed over the years, and the school has to continue to evolve, but at heart we are still the same place, focused on faith, family, and preparing students for life beyond Devon Prep.”

Mr. Mulholland earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Maryland at College Park and is working on his MBA from Penn State University School of Graduate Studies. He can be reached by phone at 610-688-7337 Ext. 129 or email