Middle School Art Program

The Middle School Art program includes the fundamentals of visual and sculptural art as well as a focus on students becoming innovative and confident thinkers through the design process. Academic subjects are intertwined within the Arts curriculum to ensure alternative learning methods and scaffolding for students with multiple abilities.

Curriculum Offerings

6th Grade Discovery Arts

This is a fundamental art course, which introduces the proper use of a variety of art tools and materials. Students are presented with three dimensional as well as two-dimensional mediums, they are taught the elements and principles of design, and encouraged to practice craftsmanship. This course emphasizes the improvement of craft, and the importance of becoming skilled builders, and creators. Through guided lessons, based on process, not product, students are encouraged to manipulate a variety of materials and understand their functions. With an underlying focus on abstraction students are encouraged to release expectations, and immerse themselves in an experimental process.

7th Grade Art Explorations

As the second level artists begin to develop their confidence with different tools, they are allowed more creative freedom to experiment in this course. With slightly more rigor attached to lessons and projects, students are encouraged to problem solve and ideate. Each medium used will have an added point of comprehension; craftsmanship will be expected, as well as the execution of product through independent explorations. This course will encourage students to follow through on learning experiences, to the extent of full (their?) ability.

8th Grade Experienced Art

Experienced artists will begin to understand Art within an Art historical Art–move word context. This course will be dedicated to overviewing the major styles and movements within history. Students will explore each of these time periods through project-based learning and artistically render their comprehension of the topic. There will be an attachment to the fundamentals of Fine Arts with each lesson. Each lesson will target the fundamentals of Fine Arts.  Students will learn to use a variety of mediums, two dimensional as well as three-dimensional with an added point of rigor towards mastery. Homework will be drawing intensive and will focus on students beginning to develop true artistic skill as well as voice.