High School Art Program

The The High School Art program has an underlying focus on cross-curricular art, with a focus on developing the designer within in each student and showing them how design can be applied to multiple academic disciplines. Electives are geared towards the introduction of 21st century careers within a variety of design fields, each student is exposed to possible career paths and opportunities which helps their well rounded approach to education. This program focuses on the opening of each student’s horizons towards paths which give them the skills to problem solve with confidence using all the latest design thinking strategies. Take a look at our cutting edge curriculum listed below!

Curriculum Offerings

Studio Art I
9th-12th grade

This course will be an overview of materials and methods, for those who have experience and those who don’t. It will serve as a helpful way of choosing electives and mediums to focus on in the future. Projects will be process and product oriented,; students will be expected to learn and exhibit understanding of art tools and materials. They will have projects assigned to ensure guided explorations and encourage personal interests. Projects will have an art historical foundation as students learn about. . . be art historical based,; students will learn about major art historical movements.

MakerSpace I: Sculpture and Construction
9th-12th grade

This course in is an introduction to a variety of three-dimensional mediums. Projects will be focusedwill focus on  on the creation of sculpture and understanding different ways to assemble and manipulate 3D mediums. Students will learn about different art historical movements within sculpture and art, which will inform and inspire the creation of their own pieces. Projects will be hands on understandings of materials such as cardboard, wood, and clay. Students will be learn how to use the material as well as create pieces with great attention to detail and craftsmanship. The importance of drawing will also be introduced, as it is a fundamental skill in all types of design. Students will learn how to draw the third dimension through sketchbook assignments.

Studio Art II: MakerSpace and 2D
10-12th grade

*Pre-Requisite- Studio Art I or MakerSpace I

As (members of) a second level Studio Art class, students will be working with a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional mediums. This course will be a continuation of Studio Art I and MakerSpace I. They will continue developing to develop drawing, painting, and sculpture skills from the foundation studios. Drawing and painting skills will be enhanced and fine tuned to an advanced level. Sculpture mediums such as woodworking and ceramics will also be highlighted. Students will be expected to advance their skills across the board, using in- class projects as well as sketchbook assignments.

10-12th grade

Students will learn all(omit all) about the main hand building methods such as slab work and coils to create clay sculpture. They will learn how to slip and score clay together to create multi-scale pieces of artwork, and how to properly manipulate clay to receive the desired product. Measurement skills and accuracy when working with clay will be introduced. Students will also take part in the glazing process, and the chemistry behind different glazing methods as well as learn how to load and fire a kiln.

3D Digital Prototyping
10th-12th grade

This course focuses on the evolution of 3D printing as well as the creation process behind the production of objects. This course will focus on product design and the work of product engineers. Students will learn how to use 3D modeling software (CAD) to fabricate objects. Then they will learn about the anatomy of a 3D Printer and learn how to print objects they’ve fabricated. 3D printers produce objects directly from computer models, so students will be able to hold, evaluate, test and use their ideas. They will be able to share them digitally and physically with the world. This course bounces between hands on creation, computer creation as well as prototyping and testing. There will be a focus on reading about and understanding the Design Thinking process and learning how to create human based projects.

Design Thinking: Engineering
11th and 12th grade only

Focusing This course focuses on the Design Thinking method to teach students how to be innovative thinkers and leaders within their chosen field. This course will help students to understand the design process and how it can be applied in multidisciplinary fields. With all the technological advances our society is making, a new way of problem solving and generating human centered ideas is a priority. Future leaders are those who are innovative and comfortable with creation. By touching on different types of engineering and a contextual focus on Design Thinking, students will advance their creative and entrepreneurial skill set.

AP Studio Art
11th and 12th grade only
**Must apply with a portfolio

AP Studio Art students work with diverse media, styles, subjects, and content. At the end of the term students will submit a portfolio to be evaluated by College Board in the following categories:

  • The Range of Approaches (Breadth) section illustrates a range of approaches to art making.
  • The Sustained Investigation (Concentration) section shows sustained, deep, and multi-perspective investigation of a student-selected topic.
  • The Selected Works (Quality) section represents the student’s most successful works with respect to form and content.

Students’ work is informed and guided by observation, research, experimentation, discussion, critical analysis, and reflection, relating individual practices to the art world. Students are asked to document their artistic ideas and practices to demonstrate conceptual and technical development over time. The AP Studio Art Program supports students in becoming inventive artistic scholars who contribute to visual culture through art making.