College Counseling

Upon entering Devon Prep, many students are already beginning to develop the personal motivation to succeed so they may go to the college of their choice. Our curriculum is structured so that every graduate will meet course requirements at colleges and universities throughout the United States. The College Counseling Program has enjoyed considerable success. 100% of our graduates continue their education at an institution of higher level learning.

Although College Counseling is available to students in the ninth grade, the formal program begins early in the junior year of the Upper School, when the guidance counselor hosts an information session for students and parents on the college selection process, standardized testing programs, and the application process. At this session, families receive our guidance manual, designed to help the student to select the right college in a timely manner. From Junior year through early Senior year of the Upper School, students have personal appointments in which the Director of College Counseling helps the student to explore his interests and options. Parents are required to attend the first appointment and encouraged to attend all other meetings.

For more information, please contact:

Mrs. Elizabeth Eshleman
Director of College Counseling
610-688-7337 Ext. 172