capital-campaign-brochure-10-16_page_01Devon Preparatory School has a proud history, and for nearly 60 years has remained true to the values of the Piarist Fathers who founded it, while seizing opportunities to evolve and grow with the changing dynamics of our community.  Our challenge now is to preserve all that makes Devon Prep distinctive and ensure its future.

As we look to the future, we recognize that sustaining our legacy requires strong and stable enrollment and wise stewardship of our resources.  To remain competitive among private schools in the area, and to reach our optimum enrollment, our facilities must be updated and improved to reflect the value of the education provided within.  To remain financially strong we must build reserve and endowment funds that can provide dependable long-term revenue, supplementing tuition.

To fund these needs, Devon Prep is conducting a capital campaign with an overall goal of $5 million.   This is a transformational opportunity for the school.  It will bring Devon Prep to a new level of maturity, transforming our campus today and helping to provide a strong capital base to support continued growth and success.img_4971

You can see the exciting plans and learn more about the campaign in the brochure above. Phase One of the renovation project was completed in the summer of 2016. This phase included the complete renovation of the Chemistry Lab, new windows and doors in the gym, campus electrical service upgrade, technology infrastructure improvements and new boilers.

Ensuring Devon Prep’s sustainability over the next sixty years and beyond requires the commitment of all those individuals whose lives have been touched by it. By joining together, we can ensure that that the Devon Prep experience and legacy will continue for generations to come.