Annual Giving

Annual GivFrank, smooting is an important part of the School’s development program and the primary way for all alumni, parents, and friends to help sustain the programs and opportunities that distinguish Devon Prep. Annual Giving helps to promote quality instruction, defray the cost of needed renovations and repairs, provide scholarships and financial aid for deserving students, and secure the growth of the school.

Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund are preferred because they will be used in the areas of greatest need. By allowing your gift to be used where the need is greatest you give Devon Prep an important degree of flexibility in responding to the evolving financial needs of the school and to continuing its tradition of providing an excellent education. You may also choose to direct your gift to an area that is of special interest to you, such as our scholarship funds, athletic programs, technology advancement or another area, department or program that is important to you.

Please consider becoming a sustaining donor by setting up a monthly gift. Recurring donations are especially valuable because they are a reliable source of income, and help to reduce administrative and postage costs, saving time and money! You don’t have to worry about writing and sending your check and the number of appeals and reminders from us will decrease.  Monthly giving makes it easier for you to make a significant donation because your gift is divided into manageable monthly increments.

You can make a gift by Mail, or you can make a One Time Donation  or  Recurring Donation  online.