Student Council


The Devon Prep Student Council (DPSC) is highly active within Devon and coordinates most of the student life. DPSC not only mediates between the administration, faculty, Parents Association, alumni, and the student body, but also administers and finances most of the students’ activities. Dances, tailgates, basketball games, prom, and various other activities are organized and managed by the Student Council. Student Council members, especially the executive board, often represent Devon Prep’s student body at events both on and off campus, such as Open House, Spring TIDE and the Headmaster’s Reception.

Members of the student council are elected by fellow students, and active participation in the Student Council provides training for leadership, service, and loyalty.

The following Devon Prep students were elected to the Upper School and Middle School Student Council for the 2013-14 school year.

Upper School Executive Board

Owen Phelan, President
Sean Bevan, Vice President
Matthew McDevitt, Treasurer

Middle School Executive Board

Justin Chambers, President
Paris Shusterfallou, Vice President
Thomas Brower, Treasurer

Class Presidents

Sixth Grade – Finnian Thompson
Seventh Grade – Thomas Barker
Eighth Grade – Christopher Rufo
Ninth Grade – Luke Farnsworth
Tenth Grade – Fadee Rumman-Obeid
Eleventh Grade – Patrick Rohr
Twelfth Grade – James O’Shea

Homeroom Representatives

Sixth Grade – Colin Fulmer
Seventh Grade – Nicholas Bello
Eighth Grade – Jacob Pabia and Kyle Husar
Ninth Grade – Matthew Szkolnicki, Tyler Keough, John Rufo
Tenth Grade – John McSurdy, Connor Balog, Christopher Carpenter, Michael Nicolas
Eleventh Grade – Gabriel Pallante, Andrew Stauffer, Michael L. Pauciulo
Twelfth Grade – Brandon Balbirnie, John Burke, and Jason Sadek