About Devon Prep

“God and Knowledge”

“Pietas et Literas”


Sixty years ago Devon Prep was founded by the Piarist Order with the guiding principal “Pietas et Literas” meaning “God and Knowledge.” Devon Prep is committed to the Piarist mission of preparing young men, in grades six through 12, for the rigors of 21st century life by modeling in word and deed the Piarist values of charity, humility, patience, respect and simplicity.

Devon Prep’s holistic approach to teaching ensures that students are educated for life – academically, socially, athletically, and spiritually. By focusing on the entirety of the learning process, Devon Prep creates future leaders in a variety of fields and provides them with a set of tools and experiences that will serve them through college and beyond.

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  • The Viewbook is an overview of Devon Prep students, faculty as well as the school mission and philosophy.
  • In “Why Devon Prep” you can read what  students and alumni have to say about Devon Prep – why they like it, and why they think you will as well.
  • Devon Prep’s Admissions Information Packet  includes information about the school, academics, athletics and service programs.  It also includes information about tuition, financial aid, transportation and more.
  • Devon Prep’s Strategic Plan is the school’s vision for the future.
  • Videos of students in various grades discussing how Devon Prep has impacted their lives.