Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the questions parents ask about Devon Prep policies and events. Click on a question to show the answer.


How can I find additional information about Devon Prep?
Please visit our website at any time for both news and information about Devon Prep.
How do I find out about snow days?
If Devon is closed due to inclement weather you will receive an automated telephone message from Fr. Shea in the morning.  The message generally comes about 5:30 AM. Devon does not have two hour delays.  We pull from too many school districts to allow this to occur.  However, if your son’s school district has a two hour delay, he may come in two hours late on his bus and have an excused lateness.
What is Edline?
The Devon Prep Edline website is a communications hub for parents, students and faculty.  It is not available publicly on the web.  Users must have a login name and password.  It is separate from the school’s website,
* Faculty members use the site to post homework, test assignments, and grades.  Each class has its own page containing assignments, links, study guides, and other materials a teacher chooses to post. Teachers can also use the system to email parents and students individually, or as a group by class.
* Parents and students use Edline to see grades, assignments, and class materials, as well as events such as games.  The Private Reports option gives users access to any grade reports that have been posted. Grades are displayed by class, and are not available for viewing until the teacher for that class sends them to Edline.
* The Edline home page contains the Devon Prep general calendar, as well as news items and links to documents such as the menu for the week, or a form or an event flyer.
* Each Edline user has his or her own personal calendar that shows information relevant to that person.  For example, if a student is on the varsity soccer team, his calendar will show homework, tests, and varsity soccer activities.
* Athletics Department uses Edline to display team rosters, schedules, directions to opponents’ fields, etc.  Athletics also sends last-minute cancellations and changes through Edline to players and parents, using text, voice and email messaging.
It is important that all parents and students activate their accounts and keep their contact information up to date, so that they can receive school and teacher communications.  You can enter multiple email addresses so that more than one parent can receive emails, and you can enter cell phone numbers if you would like to receive text messages.  If a family has a student at another school that also uses Edline, the parent can link the two accounts so that he or she can see both students’ information from one login.
Account activation information and instructions will be provided to all new families before the beginning of the school year.  Any current parent or student who has lost their login or password can have the information reset. * If you have questions or need help with Edline or your account, please email
* There will be a weekly newsletter in the Parents Association link that will give you upcoming events and other vital information.


What is the Family Picnic?
The Family Picnic is a tremendously popular event and is attended by nearly every Devon Prep family. It is an opportunity to meet all of our Devon families, old and new! It is held on the grounds of Devon Prep behind Calasanctius Hall and your entire family is invited to enjoy burgers and hotdogs and food brought by our returning Devon families.
What is the Headmaster’s Reception and Parent Orientation?
The Headmaster’s Reception and Parent Orientation will be held on a Sunday afternoon in mid-September. It is an opportunity to meet Fr. Shea and the faculty of Devon Prep. When you arrive you will receive a packet that includes the phone directory and a copy of your son’s schedule. Fr. Shea and the leaders of the Parents Association will then address the entire assembly. After the assembly you will follow a short schedule of your son’s classes and meet each of his teachers. Following the classroom presentations you are invited to an informal gathering in Calasanctius Hall for food and refreshments.
What is the Mom’s Covered Dish?
This event is also held in September.  Our Devon Moms gather together for a casual evening of food and drinks.  Each grade brings a different dish (appetizers, salads, desserts, beverages).  There will also be a couple of vendors present that evening for your shopping pleasure.
What is Oktoberfest?
This event is held on one evening each October in Calasanctius Hall for our Devon Dads.  The school provides German food and music for this event.
What is Spring Tide?
Spring Tide is our only major fundraiser and it benefits our school directly with 100% of the proceeds going towards Devon Prep. Spring Tide includes a relaxing dinner, dancing, and silent and live auctions.  It is a wonderful opportunity to get involved and meet other parents.
What are parent-teacher conferences and how do they work?
Parent-teacher conferences enable any Devon parent to meet with any Devon teacher.  There are three scheduled conferences during the year.
The first generally occurs in the third week of October.  Parents with last names beginning with A-L will meet on Tuesday and those with last names beginning with M-Z will meet on Wednesday.  These conferences are held from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  Parents come and stand in line and wait for the particular teachers with whom you wish to speak.  Reservations are not required.
The second conference occurs generally in mid-December. This conference is different from the first, in that parents sign up in advance with the particular teacher(s) with whom they wish to speak.  These conferences are held from noon to 4:00 PM.  Reservations for these conferences are arranged through the school office.
The third conference generally occurs in late February.  It follows the same format as the October conferences, except that it is held on one evening, rather than two. In addition to these formal conferences, parents may contact any teacher at any time to address any concerns about the progress of their son(s).  The e-mail address and telephone extension numbers of the teachers are found in the phone directory.
What is the middle school Camping trip?
The MS camping trip is an overnight trip in the middle of September. The boys and teacher chaperones travel to the French Creek campground, located in Elverson,Pa. Less than an hour away from Devon. They will sleep in tents with other kids from their class. It is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to get to know each other better and a chance to leave the books at home!

Policies and Practices

What is the uniform policy and where can I purchase the uniform?
The Uniforms page on the website contains the uniform policies and links to Lands’ End. White or blue Devon Prep golf shirts are permitted to be worn in class from the first Monday in April until the last Friday in October.  This is optional, as dress shirts and ties may instead be worn all throughout the year.
To purchase Devon Prep golf shirts please access our website and then go to the “Parents” section.  Scroll down to the “Devon Shop” section. You will see uniform information.  Lands’ End is our only supplier for the Devon Prep golf shirts and you should order through them. Gym uniforms consist of Devon Prep gym shorts and Devon Prep double-sided gym shirts and are needed by all students for all physical education classes, which are held either once or twice a week. These gym shorts and gym shirts may be purchased at the Devon Shop (the school store.)  A price list for all Devon Shop products is available on our website.
Some additional helpful information concerning uniforms: The Devon Prep golf shirts may be worn in the warmer weeks as described above. Dress shirts and ties in solid or conservative colors are worn the rest of the school year.  Even though the school section of Lands’ End only shows blue or white dress shirts, the boys may wear any color (solid color or conservative pattern.)
 School logos are not required on the dress shirts. Dress slacks should be in conservative colors such as blue, black, gray, brown, khaki or tan.  No jeans or cargo-like pants are permitted. Navy blue blazers are rarely used but are required for special occasions such as Devon Open Houses, National Junior Honor Society (selected seventh and eighth graders) and National Honor Society (selected upper school students) and various other volunteer opportunities where your sons may be representing Devon. Belts are required at all times and shoes are defined as leather or leather-like shoes as you would wear on a formal occasion.  Socks are also required.
Where and when do I purchase the textbooks and other school supplies? 
Textbooks may be purchased online or from previous students at any t ime. The official text book list will be posted on our website in early July. Devon usually holds a “Used Book Sale” in mid-July.  The date for this will be announced. Purchases made at the Used Book Sale are private transactions between buyer and seller at a price agreeable to both.  The school does not buy or sell used textbooks. When purchasing books online, or at the Used Book Sale, or privately from former students, please be sure that the books are the same edition as that listed on the official text book list.  Editions change from time to time, and an earlier edition is generally useless. Here is a list of some discounted online book sites:

A few families find it helpful to buy two sets of books. Your son can keep one in his locker at school and one at home. Do not purchase any other school supplies until your son meets his teachers. During the first two full days of school, the boys will go through their schedules and each teacher will tell them what is needed and expected. You will have that following weekend to purchase the necessary supplies. You will receive a list of required summer reading books for your son. They need to be read by the beginning of the school year. They can be purchased in any book store.

Does Devon have a hot lunch program?
Devon has hot lunch available every day.  You are able to pay in cash but are encouraged to use our pre-pay program.  This program allows you to pre-pay and your son will receive an ID number that he will punch in each time he makes a purchase and the funds will be automatically deducted from his account.  You simply need to send in a check to our business office labeled “hot lunch.” If your son arrives to school early, breakfast sandwiches and other breakfast items are also available.
Does Devon Prep allow exam exemptions?
A student who has a report card grade of A+ or A in a subject for the second and third quarters and has an average of A+ or A at the end of the fourth quarter will be exempt from taking his final exam (late May or early June) in that subject.  He will not need to attend school during the time frame of those particular exams.
What is the dress code for the Sports Banquet?
The Sports Banquet is a casual event held in the gym and the boys do not need to be in school uniform.  Boys and their parents tend to wear comfortable clothing. A light dinner is served and several awards are presented.  Although it is a casual affair, Junior and Senior athletes are encouraged to wear their Devon Prep golf shirts as photos are taken of the award winners and used for publicity purposes.
How do I get a copy of my son’s school picture?
The boys will have their ID pictures taken in the beginning of the year. These ID pictures can be ordered through our photographer Jack Ansley. His web site is