Faculty Focus

  • Mrs. Kathy Iacobucci

    Mrs. Kathy Iacobucci, Math

    Mrs. Kathy Iacobucci has taught Math at Devon Prep for sixteen years. She has served as Chair of the Math Department, Dean of the Freshman Class, Student Council Moderator and in many other positions.

  • Larry Theuer

    Larry Theuer, English Department

    Mr. Larry Theuer teaches English in Devon Prep’s middle school and upper school. Here he talks about how he got started teaching, his teaching style, and what he likes most about Devon Prep.

  • Roger Mecouch

    Roger Mecouch, Science Department Chairman

    Mr. R. Roger Mecouch, Chairman of Devon Prep’s Science Department, talks about teaching, science, students and what makes Devon Prep unique.

  • Barry Brazunas, Middle School Director

    Barry Brazunas, Middle School Director

    Director of Devon Prep’s Middle School, Mr. Barry Brazunas, talks about the Middle School and what makes it unique.