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The Music Department at Devon Prep supports students of all abilities and talents. There is a wide range of musical groups which cater to the different interests of students. A few of these include Choral Tide, Rip Tide, Jazz Band, Middle School beginning and advanced bands, Music Ministry and the Rock Band. With so many different musical options to choose from the students can find an area which interests their personal tastes. The directors of each organization are focused on encompassing all types of music, abilities and personalities.

Choral Tide and Rip Tide

These two choral groups, under the direction of Mrs. Marie Anderson, include voice and singing lessons. Choral Tide is our general choir open to beginning and intermediate vocal artists. Rip Tide is our advanced singing group. Open to participating in local and state competitions.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band is open to high school musicians of all levels willing to learn and play a Jazz instrument.  Dr. Randy Navarre directs the Jazz Band. His goal is to reach every student’s needs and abilities, helping to develop their talent and interest.

Music Ministry

This musical group focuses on religious compositions and performs their pieces at Mass every Friday morning. They play for the whole school during religious ceremonies. Vocalists and instrumental musicians are open to take part.

Middle School

The middle school has a Beginning and Advanced Band, this reaches and encompasses all types of learners. Any musical instrument is welcome. Part of this program includes free private lessons for students who would like to advance their abilities. Private lessons are open to all levels, students are only required to provide their chosen instrument.  Both beginning and advanced bands perform at school functions.

Middle School Rock Band

This Band focuses on Rock as their main playing style. This group is open to musicians with a developed talent who would like to perform with a group of their peers that share a similar taste and style of music.

Grandparents Concert (watch below)

Christmas Concert

Spring Concert (Music & Arts Festival)