The Application Process

What Devon Prep Sends

Our College Counseling Department will send out your application with:

  • transcripts
  • the College Counselor letter of recommendation
  • a postcard to verify receipt at the college
  • guidance forms
  • our school profile
  • anything else that you wish us to include in the application.

In order for us to send out the transcript, you must submit an application checklist for each college you apply to. This is a way not only to keep track of applications but also serves as an official transcript release to the colleges.

Teacher recommendations are sent separately. Please provide your teacher(s) pre-addressed, stamped envelopes and institutional recommendation forms, along with a written request for a recommendation. They may also want a copy of your activities resume and academic information.

The College Counseling Department will be happy to review every application and provide you with feedback before they are sent to the colleges. To expedite the process you must print out a copy of the online application.

  • Please be sure to give sufficient advance notice to review your applications.
Common Application

Another way to apply is through the Common Application ( This is an application accepted by over 400 colleges across the country. It simplifies the process so that you only fill out one basic application and essay. You may have some supplements required by certain universities, but the body of the application need only be filled out once. College members of the Common Application give equal consideration to the Common Application versus their institutional application.

Finally, make sure that you meet the deadlines that the College Counseling Department has posted. Meeting deadlines is important in the college application process, as well as in college and in life.